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Things are falling into place.

There's a certain bank around these parts... they're unusual in that they portfolio all their mortgages. That means they hold onto them, keep them local. They don't charge any Private Mortgage Insurance (which is usually charged when someone puts less than 20% down on the home of their choosing). They don't charge an appraisal fee (their appraisers work for them as regular employees). Their rate is a little higher than average (7%), but their closing costs are very low. They come very highly recommended from everyone with whom I've spoken.

The bank lady there is finishing the paperwork I started at karaoke for review Monday. She seems to think there'd be no problem with my getting a loan through them.

Am going to investigage SONYMAs (mortgages through the State of New York Mortgage Agency) this weekend, if I can. Their rates are well below average (5.something%). They do charge PMI and appraisal fees.

We'll see. I have some serious number-crunching to do, but I think I'm over the hump, both effort-wise and emotionally.

My dad visits tomorrow. I have to clean.

But I'm on my way home.

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