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Wheeeeeeee-- busy, busy, busy!

First off...
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, Joe and LaTraviata! Sorry I'm late... hope you had happy b-days... and may the year to come be simply fantabulous for you both!

Thanks to everyone who wrote, please keep writing! (teeheehee... will do something like this again soon, for certain :) )

Apologies to my irc/aim friends et al... been remarkably busy of late. Haven't forgotten you... just haven't had much time online. :(

Fourthly (oh, that doesn't sound right at all)...
My condolences to all of ye who are beginning another school year. (Pity us poor fools who pull 8-to10 hour days ALL YEAR LONG :P)

Fifthly (eep, that sounds worse)...
Nice nudenew pics, folks-who-have-changed-them :)

Wheeeee! Adrenaline is a wonderful motivator, dontchathink? Must work more now... hope to bbs.

Be well and happy 'til we meet again,

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