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A few odds and ends from my attic

I just simply and quickly resized my primary partition from 5 Gig to over 21a.

Happy, happy, ldy. Thanks, teferi!

QBeez is worse than collapse. I don't know if it's appeal will be as long-lasting, but I'm hookedb.

The stuffed chickenc I had at the Van Dyck last night was really excellent.

My neighbor stopped by the other day to use my phone, and asked if he could take back all my empties for deposit. I need time more than I need the 5¢/bottle return, so I said sure. He stopped by the next day as I was just coming home from work, and we were both surprised at the sudden and complete lack of empties in my kitchen.

Eman had the day off work the other day, and decided to stop by, drop off a bouquet of lillies, fix my computer chair and return The Enormous Wall o' Bottles. Guess what day that was ;)

I had brunch at Stephanie's this morning. My goodness, was it ever good! Eman had Eggs Manhattan and I had one of the french toast specialsd I even had a mimosa :) I think this may mark the end of my gluttony for awhile, for obvious financial reasons.

Rehearsal today was fun. We had it outside at Parker's place (in the boonies). We did the opening of the play, and the last scene of the play. It was INSANELY windy, and trains rolled by about once an hour, so I had fun with the end songe...
When that I was and a little tiny boy
With hey, ho, the wind and the rain train,
A foolish thing was but a toy,
For the rain it raineth every day train it runneth ev'ry hour.

It doesn't rhyme, but it was certainly more appropriate.

Dogtownf rocks. So does the Chaos (beta 4) mod.

I'm a big poo-head for not making special note in my journal of these sooner:

Happy Belated Birthamadays!!

I haven't known you terribly long, but I'm thrilled to have actually MET you, and have enjoyed all we've shared so far. I wish you Utopia with your boyfriend and cat, perfect health and much laughter :)

I wish you continued happiness with your girlfriend, your programming, your music and your life :) May your blessings abound.

I wish you a slightly less interesting life! ;) Really, though, I wish you a happy home, the perfect job, sexy non-psychotic men and no hangovers ever again.

I wish you an enjoyable job situation with intelligent library patrons and coworkers, joy and wonder at The Kid's constant and amazing growth, plenty of time to spend with friends and family and many more Stones shows.

One of my dearest, oldest and youngest friends-- I wish you big and little miracles, joy in the mundane, happiness with only the occasional department store tears and childlike wonder, always.

I'll be happy when birthday reminders return!

I know I'm way behind on welcomeses... I'd meant to play catch up tonight, but the list I use to help me keep track is on the other comp. I'll make a point of catching up soon.

Tomorrow-- phone the attorney, get the closing pushed back a few days. Phone the inspector, find out if he's available this week. Phone my bank, find out why the mortgage guy hasn't returned my calls. Go to TrustCo, talk to a mortgage advisor there. Work really hard. Work late. Come home. Do dishes, some paperwork. Rest. Muster up enough brain cells to finish working on circlek's copy.

That's my plan. In the meantime, I hope you all have a beautiful Monday.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who...z

a Well, quickly and simply, minus the bit of homework I had to do. Thanks to Partition Magic's handy warning that resizing a primary partion above the 1024 MB cylinder boundry may make one's OS unbootable, I now know more about Windows 2000's boot process than I'd ever cared to! Specifically, Windows 2000 Professional relies on the system BIOS to load system files. A program, Ntldr, called on boot, uses interrupt INT 13 BIOS calls to find and load Ntoskrnl.exe and any other files it needs to start the system. One of the nice things about this process is that it allows one to resize the primary partition above the 1024 cylinder limit. Of course, try finding that in English on Google. Thank heavens I'm learning conversational Geek :P

b Current high: 1,317,100; Largest group: 20 -- update: I didn't beat my high, but I just got 1,302,300 and a group of 35 ^_^

c Chicken Saltimbocca-- Boneless chicken breast, stuffed with proscuitto, spinach, sage, dijon and mozzarella cheese. Topped with tomato-basil salsa. I don't usually eat chicken (or pork for that matter), but this was wonderful :) Like revenge, it's even better cold!

d Eggs Manhattan: poached eggs and smoked salmon on an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce. French toast special: a HUGE piece of french toast, stuffed wtih cream cheese, bananas and walnuts.

e The full text of the song, which is quite charming and rather catchy, can be found here. We will likely use the music performed by Ben Kingsley and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in the 1998 film adaptation.

f The download link on that page is broken; you can get it here.

g ...don't mind being left hanging.

k These speakers are so astounding... I think I'm going to have to relisten to everything I've ever listened to on them. For real. I wonder if an SB Audigy Platinum would make a noticeable difference. Any why is Winamp playing crappily whenever I switch focus away from it to my livejournal client or anything else? piman, hurry! Oh wait-- I had the Qbees window open; I guess the preloaded sounds were interfering somehow. Hurry anyway.

r I can't wait for Max to see the house. He's lived in a tiny apartment (or outside as a stray) his whole life. His own yard, rooms galore, stairs, a fireplace, hardwood floors to slide around on... I think he's going to be amazed. ^_^

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