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Here I stand, the goddess of desire. Set men on fire. I have this power.

Awoke at 8:10a... had to be at work by 8:30a. Yikes! Made it in at 8:36a :P Kitty chose to stay outside all night and ran in as I was running out. He was filthy. Filthy and happy... and now probably sleeping on my unmade bed. Well, it's about time I changed those sheets anyway.

Been in meetings with my boss all morning on 1247 different subjects. I'm thoroughly exhausted and mentally sapped... and have so many miles to go before I rest.

Currently, I'm learning and writing about the wonders of auriculotherapy, particularly its application in addiction therapy. Fascinating subject, really; I'm all ears.

My boss has some real estate experience and is going to join the realtor and me this evening to look at that house. Wheefun! I'd ask my Dad to drive up and join us, but he's going to be in Southern Jersey with my brother.

The problem with both my boss and my father is that they are in their 70s, haven't been working with real estate much over the past decade or two, and are not up-to-date on current practices. So I must glean as much as I can from these sources, and others, and make my own decisions. It's a good thing... but somewhat stressful. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I realize that each person involved has an incomplete picture at best-- and yet, each has important pieces of the puzzle. I'm going to get as much of the big picture as I can, and make whatever decisions I consider best.

I am so tired. Sometimes I just wish someone would wrap me up in a blanket, rock me to sleep and make all my decisions for me.

OK, I don't really wish that. But sometimes the thought is very appealing.

I'm soooooo tired. And not in the vonschtupp way.

Oh, and I'm wearing my PJs at work today. I've gotten a couple compliments on them already. Mmmmmmmm.

Oh, and happy two-year and one-day livejournal anniversary to me.

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