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What do you do with a drunken pussy?

Maxman is home. Looks like he's snookered. Keeps walking in circles and falling down a lot, gazing in wide-eyed wonder at the world that's spinning around him. I'm trying to keep him in one place, but he won't hear of it.

The vet said he probably wouldn't be hungry for quite awhile, but I could give him a bit of soft food later. Of course, he made a beeline* to his food spot when we got home. Of course, I fed him. Of course, he devoured it.

The bartender across the street from where I work nearly forbade me to buy the house I'm looking at because of how quickly that neighborhood is deteriorating. :P I go see the house again tomorrow, and my realtor friend Saturday. He thinks I can do better, and wants to be my broker. I don't know if that's necessary or desirable, but I'll hear him out.

I just went to phone our fearless director, and was informed that I had dialed a convent by mistake. I was convinced it was our prank-pulling director having a bit of fun, so I had a bit of fun back.

Oh, please forgive me, Sister Jane.

* Have you ever seen a bee fly? They kinda go all over the place. Max was doing damned fine bee impressions.

Still no checkbook :/

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