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Perception, Maya, Jabber and a possible place to call home

If I didn't have evidence to the contrary, I'd have sworn that I didn't get a darned thing done all day. ;)

I haven't used this userpic more than a couple times in recent months... considering replacing it. I'll use it now and hold onto it a little bit longer, I think.

This is somewhat old news, but I figure some of you hadn't heard about it yet. Enjoy :)

A learning version of Maya (the state-of-the-art 3D rendering program) is available for download FREE for personal use. Yes, it is a lighter version, and watermarked. But if you want to learn the software that made games like Grand Turismo 3 and Madden 2001, and movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Ice Age, get off your arse and give it a download.

The actual program, Maya Complete, has dropped from $7500 to $1999, partially due, no doubt, to the increased sophistication of other tools. They've answered with another program, Maya Unlimited, which is available for $6999 (it adds some amazing tools, like Maya fur, Maya Cloth and advanced modeling options). Maya Real-Time Author integrates Maya with Director Shockwave and more-- click on that link and check out some of the nifty applications down the right hand side (I haven't tried them all, but I enjoyed the old fashioned-boat one and the Exploratorium (ignore the "press the buttons to activate a bridge in that direction" instruction, it's from another example) :)

The learning version doesn't have the nifty things included in the Maya Unlimited, but given the choice between paying $1999 for a program and learning free, well, I'll take free for starters :) They even have free classes available around the country (I'll be keeping an eye on that page, for certain!).

Question: Jabber vs. Trillian-- pros? cons? I've been poking at Jabber, but dread the thought of having to add everyone's screennames individually. However, if it's a better choice long-term, I'll grin and bear it.

A possible HOME
I look at this house tomorrow right after work. 4 br, 1 bath, deep yard, deck, fireplace (insert-- now what does that mean?)... Seems to need some love, but probably not as much as the other place. Just under $65k. Wish me luck :)

I'm simply too tired to play catch-up on welcomes and all, but before I go, I just have to say:

Happy Belated Birthday

I wish you a year that brings you a new home, much inspiration, many occasions to wear your crown and happiness abounding :)

Happy Belated Birthday

I wish you a relationship that makes your heart soar, intelligent conversation and stimulation, and beautiful music :)

That's it for now... Hugs to those who needs 'em, those who wants 'em and those who don't run away fast enough.

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