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To Do:

  • Drink some coffee
  • Order Gathering of the Vibes Tickets
  • Order Dragon*Con Tickets Ordered mine; awaiting Michele's badge name instructions - she will phone me tomorrow with a cool nickname ^_^
  • Find my #*($&#* frequent flyer # for Delta
  • Order Plane Tickets for Dragon*Con
  • Get refill on coffee
  • Read email
  • Provide duinlas with helpful life-saving feedback Well, it was feedback, anyway
  • Stick head out window and meow with cat at insolent bird some more Bird is gone, cat is on couch
  • Write Yoda parody on "Don't mess around with Jim" (begun here)
  • Write darkbloom
  • Check out Ebay for Partition Magic 6 or 7, order there or elsewhere Thank Tef profusely instead
  • Phone Mr. E
  • Put away dishes currently in drainer
  • Put dishes in to soak
  • Listen to some Sunday afternoon Jazz
  • Investigate online for other homes to look at this week
  • Phone realtor who is showing Monday's house Whoops-- nearly forgot-- religious sort, doesn't work Sunday; don't bother.
  • Water plants
  • Put at least somelaundry away! Just "some."
  • Pay Filene's charge - *sigh* Did someone leave her checkbook at work? tomorrow
  • Pay credit card - See above tomorrow
  • Investigate paying bills online - no rush
  • Read Livejournal
  • Respond to comments
  • RSVP to wedding invite - BAH, do I go stag, or invite a guest? tomorrow
  • Shower and dress
  • Get papers and milk and FOOD
  • Do dishes
  • Put second load of dishes in to soak
  • Dry and put away first load of dishes
  • Do second load of dishes
  • Put away work CDs from last week, choose new ones
  • Consider going to an open house On my way to three of 'em RIGHT NOW! Saw four of 'em, wasn't particularly impressed by any of 'em.
  • Phone that credit monitoring service and cancel free trial
  • Go through organizer, and get rid of extraneous paperwork that prevents its functional use
  • Phone Joe, the Ruthless Realtor - Will phone if house tomorrow doesn't pan out.
  • Clean apartment (start with kitchen) Mmm, did a little. Not enough.
  • Order CDs - no rush - Tuesday?
  • Start up old computer and dl photos - tomorrow night
  • Investigate Jabber clients
  • Transfer more data, including Trillian settings - tomorrow night
  • DL Trillian (or Jabber, as the case may be) Have both
  • Change preferences with Travelocity
  • Register at Realtor.com
  • Order pizza Eman's taking care of it!
  • Clean LR enough for pizza and TV w/Eman
  • Watch Sunday night line-up with Mr. E
  • Download MAYA Learning Edition

...well, it's a start. Heh. This list will not stop growing!

The outdoor picnic yesterday was, indeed, an outdoor picnic, snow and all, and was a BLAST. I do love these folks. Many, many hugs all around. Xso showed up and propositioned me... instead of being angry, I was flattered and somehow reassured that some things never change. It was really good to see him and his brother again; I've missed them. K asked me out on a real date as soon as I saw him, which was surprising. I think the occasion falls on the weekend I'm doing Twelfth Night, so we'll see. I don't see him as bf potential (do I see anyone as that?), but a date might be nice. I've never actually dated. Really.

A good number of them are going to Vibes, and want to sleep in the quiet section, so I suggested we all meet up that morning somewhere and caravan. There's nothing better than camping with one's friends at one of these things :)

My other friends never called me for the second party (despite promises of leaving directions on my machine), so I zonked and got lots and lots and lots of sleep last night. It's all good :)

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