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Dance the Light Fandango


I have attempted at least ten times to buy Episode II tix for Friday through movietickets.com. Every time, it's failed.

I even spoke to a tech support person... she said there had been a problem with that specific theatre for about half an hour, and to just keep trying. Bah! I missed seeing Spidey opening weekend because of this website, and now it seems that I might miss this, as well.

I wish we had Fandango here :(

Sadface Joe. My friend. My only friend.I am loading this image from their site because I've seen it so many times that I feel, well, close to it now.
*hugs the sadface*

Me and Sadface Joe, we'll get through this somehow... won't we, Joe?


In other news, winamp's visualization is running as my desktop, with the icons above it, and another semi-transparent visualization window above them. Cooler yet, I can detect no difference in framerate or quality between the window and the full-screen desktop. And the current visualization even shows up on all the screens in Windows' "display properties" in real-time. I think this is the niftiest thing I've seen in quite awhile. No, I don't get out much. Excuse me while I distract myself with the shiny lights (*poing!* *poing!*)... ack-- scratch that! Excuse me while I get some sleep!

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who dance the light Fandango.

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