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I can't sing! But I can't sing!

The boss is out of town today. At the request of a coworker, I am wearing sparkly purple leather pants ;)

Last night, I wore the screaming red vinyl to karaoke. Everybody wants my pants now.

Rick finally recorded us last night (he's been threatening promising to for weeks now)... so now I've got a CD of my singing! I'm listening to Maggie May now. Heh-- I really suck! OK, it's not really that awful, but it's still funny-bad. I'm still not fond of the sound of my recorded voice, but at least I merely cringe and stifle a giggle now, instead of getting depressed and self-conscious :P

Mousie's song ("In My Life") wasn't too hot. Yikes, I couldn't have screwed that one up more if I'd tried. So much for sending it. At least I tried. I'll have to sing it for her on her machine sometime instead ;)

Hee-- I'd forgotten that Michele and I sang this song (see "current music"). We were both baffled, because the words on the screen were, well, not quite right. Instead of:
"Does she inject you, seduce you and affect you?"

It said:
Does she injudge you, seduce you and affect you?"

We just looked at each other, lost. During a short instrumental, we whispered "INJUDGE? Uhm, WTF's injudge?", simultaneously shrugged and went back to singing.

Bizarre. Well, tonight is *bum-bum-buuuuuuum* LAUNDRY NIGHT! Are you as excited as I am?! I'm desperate for some bluejeans here.

If your friends are tellin' you ya smell like sh-t
It's givin' you the blues
You wanna getcherself a sexy chick
Here's whatcha gotta do
Get in the car, s'not very far
And bring your de-ter-gent
The laundromat relieves you of that
Disgusting month-old scent


Dirty jeans, dungarees
Dirty jeans, dungarees
Dirty jeans, dungarees
Those dirty jeans just don't come clean!

I should finish that sometime.

The silly "writing as..." bio things on my friends page are cracking me up. If anyone wants to write me a silly bio, I'd be forever grateful (forever? OK, maybe not forever, but certainly grateful nonetheless)

ADDENDUM: Hey! Bored? Why not pop over and take allyn's short sexual preference poll? He wants to get as many people as possible to take it... so step right up, and pass the word, if you're so inclined. Thanks!

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