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D'ya think I'm funny? Do I amuse you?

Y'know what's really funny?
Going into Unreal Tournament to find that it thinks it's being run for the first time, your saved game on the twelfth level (there are only twelve levels) is gone, and it crashes for no reason.

Y'know what's really cool?
Figuring out how to finding the saved file fragments from your last scandisk and paste the info into your UnrealTournament.ini file to get everything back!

Y'know what's really funny?
Updating a couple drivers and restarting to find the computer has a stop error (WIN2K's answer to the BSOD), and not having a clue what to do because you've never seen one of those funny things before!

Y'know what's really cool?
Getting into safemode and fixing the problem (whatever it was) by deleting your video adapter (if all else fails, delete hardware!)!

Y'know what's really funny?
Fixing problems all night and not getting to watch a DVD, play UT, catch up on your friends or even check your mail!

Y'know what's really cool?
Knowing the DVD, the game and your friends will still be there for you.

So, that's what I've been up to... I'm going to frag a few bots for ten minutes to shake off any remnants of frustration I might be carrying around while my mail downloads, then call it a night. *smooooooooch!*

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