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I finally got the lan working. The solution was very simple: remove user error :P

Crossover cable, yes. *thwaps forehead*a

I think I'd have figured this out a lot sooner, had the DSL modem recognized the integrated network adapter and actually worked. I was perceiving two separate unrelated small problems (with the gateway and with the cable) as one large one (with the network adapter). My bad.

It was nice to see that I at least had set-up the networking correctly. Once I'd attached the right cable, everything worked smoothly. Data transfer is very fast, indeed.

And I managed to install and configure my mail client, and manually move all my mail to the new comp with no difficulty at all. ^_^

Tomorrow, the new computer takes its rightful place on The Evil Desk from Salvation Army Hell.b

And the old Celeron will be relegated to the Coffee Table of Doom.c

Also tomorrow, I will phone my Ruthless Realtor Friend and ask if I might pick his brain a little, and email a few Inspectors to find out if they would be able to discover the info I need to make a decision on that old house, and what that info might cost me.

A real desk and a real coffee table somewhere await the day I have a place to put them.

a I'm not omnicognizant. Yet.
b OK, so it's not so much Evil as Unsturdy. I work with what I've got.
c Yes, fine, fine, it's not so much a coffee table as an old footlocker. Gimme a break already.
d I picked up a network card and three DVDs from Walmart yesterday. I feel so dirty. But now I have DVDs! Ones I know I'll like! Someday, I'll even watch them! And return the unneeded and overpriced network card! Too many exclamation points! It's time for bed!

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