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Lovely people!

aren't they just the cutest couple?

people started getting blurry

then people started getting tilted

hee!1. I had a wonderful time
2. I probably didn't make a terribly good first impression, but you all made a wonderful impression on me
3. I should never drink on an empty stomach
4. I should never drink enormous amounts of beer on an empty stomach
5. 4th street is not ten streets down from 14th street; it is half a street down
6. Revised parking mantra works wonders
7. I need to buy a new phone card
8. "Can you hear me? SHIT. Can you hear me? Oh, you can? Heh *blush*"
9. The pay phone on the corner of 7th by the entrance to the Holland tunnel does not work
10. Eman gets super bonus points for driving and for asking around in the back if there were a Matt C___ in the audience
11. Was the beer at Corner Bistro called McSorley's? It was tasty.
12. The lady singing with the audienceless reggae band in the back will smile at you if you smile at her first
13. Heat-lamp warmed Roy Rogers burgers from a Throughway rest stop are bloody awful
14. Next time, I'm getting a room
15. I hope the lovely general_jinjur entices mattcallow back to the states on a more permanent basis, and that we can do this again sooner than later

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