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I wasn't a second too late!

Rules (as swiped from houseofal):
1) First comment to hit it gets to cough up the next one.
Winner posts the new quote in his/her own journal.
2) If no one gets it, you must provide another quote from the same movie.
3) Put your Quote in BOLD text.
4) Because this is a message board and not a chat room full of players,
obviously there will not be instant gratification if you guess correctly,
especially if the Quoter drops a quote and goes out for the night.
Repetitive guessing is allowed.
5) Cheaters suck and will burn in hell (or a close facsimile thereof).
6) If you're participating and your journal is generally "friends' only," please make this a public post.

You're a dead-end, deadbeat, nowhere mister with a kisser like a Mississippi alligator's sister!

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