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Dances with Dragons

Thank you for all the love. I know I didn't reply, but I read each one about five times. They touched me, truly. Thank you. And for those who expressed concern, Darkbloom is fine, and he and I will simply keep in touch in other ways.

I'm not deleting, and probably never will. I'm just considering taking a bit of a break. This is difficult for me because I feel compelled to read every single entry on my friends page and frequently visit those on my friends-of list and a few other bookmarked journals as well. With househunting and computer configuration and rehearsals and work and friends and all, that may not be a feasibility. In fact, I know it's not. I realize that most of you won't be upset if I miss an entry or three, but my lj addiction is harsher mistress than you. So I'm here, but reserve the guilt-free right to be not-here as life dictates. Real life must take precedence and while I never wish to vanquish this text-based dragon, it shall not be as regularly fed.

In the meantime, I'd like to reinvent myself here a bit. Less of the mundane brain dumps and more of the type of posts that I used to relish creating. More photos. More original art. Getting the new computer up as my main box will facilitate the latter, I think. The only thing stopping me is me: the on-board lan seems to be fux0red (integrated hardware-- aagh!), and I'm too stubborn to admit it and order an ethernet card while transferring essential files via CDRW.

Speaking of the new computer... I decided when I was building it (even ordering the parts, really) that it reminded me of a black dragon. I thought Wulong, which is Chinese for "Black Dragon" might be an appropriate name. Or Oolong, which is a Romanization of the same word (yes, Oolong tea is really "badly-translated-black-dragon tea"). When I finally built it, it fit the description quite well. And when I just referred to the new computer a paragraph ago, I realized that I had not yet settled on a name and typed "00long." Cheesy 1337, I know. He's still not officially my computer, and I'm still not completely committed on his (yes, definitely his) name one way or another, so...

Poll #31019 Wang is not an option

Black Dragon, I dub thee:


Another name?

Oh, and It looks like I may not make it to the Boston Bash. The trains to New York (where I'm meeting mattcallow) and to Boston are speedy enough, but the train back from Boston takes over six hours. That's a heckuvalotta train. I'm still considering it, but I know darned well that I should probably spend that Sunday house-hunting. Still, there are so many of you I'd love to meet!! You can almost see my brain vacillate from there, can't you. I'll keep you posted. And if any of you Bostonish folks are going, please let me know. It may affect my decision.

I've been remiss in my Welcomings, so warmest of Welcomes to:
32793 alcestis bad_baby aaangyl boymaenad ferretsofglory kowillis lisabelle northerngrrl sandstar
My sincerest apologies if I missed anyone.

And heartfelt belated birthday wishes to miss emiliejolie. Your writing drips sweetly like honey, and I thank you for sharing your words and wish you a year of luxurious time, gentle breezes and wild storms, and great fortune however you measure it best.

For someone taking a break, I sure do write a lot. But would you expect any different from me? ;)

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who dance naked with their dragons in the pale moonlight

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