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Random things all about me.

i saw a beautiful mind last night. wow. that just knocked me off my feet.

i still wanna buy a house, oh yes i do. i see it in my mind's eye; now i just have to find it or have it find me.

i'm still having consistent packet loss on my dsl connection. i don't think it's the actual on-board lan, though it may have something to do with a particular aspect of its configuration. i have an email in to soyo (the board's manufacturer) on the subject.

it snowed today! wtf? i love april.

i have an improv show tonight-- w00tie-w00tie-w00t-w00t-w00t.

i'm sending extra-special thoughts to the now-photosensitive darkbloom.

i formatted the data disk last night; i now have an x: and a z: drive. why not y:? y naught.

i'm protesting capitalization for no particular reason.

i keep seeing "i" and thinking i

i need to catch up on some sleep.

i am not naked.

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