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Welcome to my tech hell on wheels

I picked up a CAT-5 cable on my way home from work. I felt so 1337 ;)

I also took a quick exterior look at a house that's for sale quite nearby... it's only $30K, but it needs a WHOLE lotta love. I'll keep looking.

I spent my evening getting the new computer to work with my DSL connection, which required a happy fun call to tech support. I outlined what I had already done (extensive troubleshooting), and he actually gave me useful advice in return (more extensive troubleshooting). We eventually changed the ethernet DSL connection to USB, with the plan to change back to ethernet after I had updated the mainboard ethernet drivers.

The I updated Windows. Over, and over, and over again. (Critical Updates, Service Pack 2, more Critical Updates, Security Patches, etc.)

Then I updated drivers. And updated drivers. And updated drivers. And updated drivers. And updated drivers. And... well, you get the idea.

Once I'd updated all the mainboard and videocard drivers (and I think a few others, though I can't remember what!), I re-installed Unreal Tournament-- it finally worked, although I couldn't get it to run in anything better than 640x400 resolution :(

Then I re-installed one of the games that came with the card. WOW. It's called "dronez," and its demo did a nice job of showing off a little of what the GeForce4 Ti4600 can do. (I didn't actually play it, I haven't any room to hook-up the speaker system yet.) I am fat on the eye-candy already :D

Because my DSL will only run in one mode (USB or ethernet, as set remotely by them), and this old comp still has all my regular proggies on it, I had to get DSL working in USB mode on that one. Dear Lord. What a hassle. I ran through the usual troubleshooting steps, failed miserably, and called tech support again in the hopes that we could just switch it back to ethernet and get both of them working.

This time, I got a guy who sounded as if he had little expertise or interest in helping me fix my problem. Maybe he had problems of his own, who knows. All I know is that I basically talked to myself while I troubleshot (btw, that word has NEVER sounded right to me), and occasionally corrected him (he kept confusing USB with ethernet for some reason). We finally got the ethernet connection up and working, but with rather consistent packet loss. He offered the helpful suggestion of trying it in half duplex mode, which didn't actually help, though I did appreciate the effort :P

He suggested that I get a new card. I would rather find a solution.

It occured to me, after I had shut the new computer down, that I had only tried pinging domain names, not IP addresses. Now, if I were tech support, I think I'd have suggested that. I got him to give me a couple DNS addresses so that I can try setting them manually tomorrow (truth be told, I'll probably get better ones from friends).

When the hell did I become more knowledgeable than tech support? I'm not complaining, mind you... OK, I am complaining :P I'm pretty certain that the first guy would've picked up on the domain name vs. IP pinging thing, rather disappointed that the second guy didn't, and somewhat suprised and pleased that I did.

I suppose the positive outcome of recognizing my own knowledgeability and intelligence is greater than the negative outcome of spending half an hour on the phone with a guy who would rather be jerking off than helping me. I'll just keep telling myself that. ;P

I hope it is the DNS and not the card itself. I'd like to start transferring data from one box to the other tomorrow night (maybe I'll go see A Beautiful Mind at the cheap seats while the data disk is formatting).

Oh, and speaking of formatting, I made my primary windows partition smaller than I'd wanted, figuring I could fix it later. Boy, was I wrong :P While I was installing all these drivers, I gave myself a crash course in WIN2K disk management. What, you can't resize partitions? Well, fine-- I'll just use Partition Magic. Except Partition Magic 5.0 needs a patch to work with WIN2K (even then it only works off rescue disks, but at least it works)... and the fine folks who make Partition Magic no longer make that patch available. I jumped through a zillion hoops, finally giving them my CDkey, name, address, email address, height weight, etc., and the patch wasn't even there when I finally got the go-ahead to download it. They're getting a not-so-nice letter tomorrow. Hell, they're getting a nasty letter. And those of you who know me best know that I don't usually (ever?) resort to nasty. In fact I think I'll write it now.

I'm tired. And cranky. Can you tell?

In other news, last night went pretty well. We actually had a real improv rehearsal and worked on getting a better handle on the perceived and actual passage of time when doing off-the-cuff monologues. I told everyone of my impending departure from Twelfth Night. They all took it pretty well. That said, I think they may have talked me into doing one weekend as Lady Olivia. ;P I'm sorely tempted-- I don't feel the same stress I felt when I was considering doing two roles in two different productions of the piece. Plus, they're willing to let me play the part the first weekend when Joanna plays Viola and Jack plays Sebastian, which would really rock. I wasn't looking forward to playing Olivia against a teenaged Viola I didn't really know. I need to take a good look at my schedule and get back to them Friday before the Improv show. Which means I'll have to review my schedule in my sleep. No biggie. ;)

Karaoke was a madhouse! Huge turnout. Lots of fun. I sang:
Rod Stewart's Maggie May
Carole King's I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet
Supreme's Stop in the Name of Love (with Janet and Joanna)
Bette Midler's The Rose (E said it was probably the best thing I've ever sang)

Joanna, of her own volition, sang Glory of Love. I found great humour in that, as she doesn't read my journal :)

I had submitted Bette's version of In My Life to sing, but it had somehow gotten pushed to the back of the queue, and I needed to get home to sleep. Next time, though.

I sleep now. Maybe I can get caught up with the rest of you tomorrow.

Heh, I just looked at the "nasty" email I wrote to Power Quest. It could be described, at the very worst, curt and chilly. Am I being practical by not being mean to people when I still need something from them? Am I being enlightened by not being mean period? Or am I simply lacking any vindictive abilities? I'll leave that one as an exercise to the reader.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who know that love, it is a flower, and we its only seeds.

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