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On PJs, water, trains, connectors and time (and other random things)

Well, I got a few things accomplished yesterday.

Went to Filene's. Bought pants, a tank top, and two shirts in this lovely crinkly deep blue rayon. I'll be able to go to work in completely nonconstricting PJs (for all intents and purposes), and still look respectable. That SO rocks! And the colour really becomes me. Yum.

Bought a small thing off the registry list for the bridal shower... was going to pick up the wedding present, as well, when I realized that I hadn't actually been invited yet. So I didn't. Of course, the invite was in my mailbox when I got home. Heh.

Went to OfficeMax and BJs in the hope that one would have a black-bezeled floppy drive, but to no avail. I ordered one from newegg today.

I forgot to watch the client's video. Whoops! I did work on that photo a little bit, though. It looks much nicer with a lake/mountain as the background than my messy apartment.

I installed the CD-RW and DVD drives and connected some stuff on my computer (USB, front panel thingies like LEDs, some of the fan/PS stuff). Jeez, those connectors are tiny! It's neat :) Now I'm rather wishing I'd gotten a window kit-- the insides of this thing are really quite beautiful! I should have it all done and up Friday night or Saturday morning (knock-on-wood!).

I read a bit more in Jane Goodall's Reason For Hope last night (and some more on break today), and am beginning to see what a life-changing work this really is. I recommend it very, very highly, and will probably purchase a copy and re-read it before the year is through. I've wanted to post a "Page eaten today" (a la pageeater) from that several times already.

I put the living room fan in the bedroom window and reveled in its wonderfulnessityness and happy room-cooling abilities while I slept. Even Max liked it. I slept much better for its presence.

E wants to go to Vermont Saturday for cheap cigarettes and sight-seeing, but I want to work on my computer and talk on the phone :) ...and maybe go bowling that night. Another time.

It's looking to me like I'll have to choose between doing Twelfth Night this summer, and doing a lot of other things. I may back out of that commitment. While I love the group and its members, and adore Shakespeare, I'm really enjoying other aspects of my life, and am finding my life too busy as it is. We'll see.

I'm considering taking a train to meet blackcustard for lunch in NYC on May 4, then taking another train to Boston for the LJ party that evening, and yet another train back home on the 5th. It's a little pricey, but may well be worth it. Is anyone interested in going to the Boston party? Wanna go in on a hotel room?

lizvang reminded me to drink water. Please, folks, post frequently about water. I forget, and can go a very long time without drinking any. Thanks! ;P Really though, I need to drink more and am typing this in the hopes that I do. I'm still getting rid of the effects of that bug I had last weekend... my skin looks absolutely terrible, and my hands itch like crazy. I must be chock-full of toxins and dead viruses (well, where do you think dead viruses and bacteria go once you kill 'em off? Eh? Didn't think about that before, did you!).

Tonight is the exciting one-two punch of food shopping and laundry! And then the pièce de résistance-- watching the client's bad commercials! I am breathless with anticipation! ;P

And now, to lunch.

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