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Needs kneads badly

So very tired. Just want to go home and take a nappy-nap with the catty-cat. I hope I'm not coming back down with that thing I had this weekend. My boss just had a relapse and I'm NOT INTERESTED.

So much to do, so little time... there's the computer, of course... but as desirable as that is, I've got other priorities.

Tonight I NEED to do food shopping. And I should go to Filene's and buy a bridal shower gift for a good friend I haven't seen in years. Oh, and I should pick up a floppy drive somewhere :P Somehow I'd neglected to add that back to my order when my computer crashed. I could probably do without one, but I'm always saving things to floppies, and WIN2K's strong encryption comes on a floppy for some strange reason.

Tomorrow should be laundry... tomorrow or Friday. The weekends are always crazy, but I'm looking forward to the possibilites of bowling, walking in the woods and a phone call *cough*. And the bridal shower Sunday. I should get directions.

I need to buy a mattress and a humidifier and a new computer desk. I need to decide whether I really want to wait 'til October to move. I need to clean up my kitchen, clean out my closets and clean up my act. I need to study Twelfth Night and really commit myself to it or let it go. I need to find my new insurance card and stick it in my glove compartment. I need to find out what that odd engine noise is. I need to change the windshield wipers ASAP. I need to get rid of the junk car in my yard. I need to get rid of half the stuff in my attic. I need to get some exercise. I need to order those CDs. I need to pay some bills.

I need to order tickets for DragonCon and Gathering of the Vibes. I need to research plane fares. I need to figure out my vacation time. I need to watch a video tonight of a client's bad TV ads so that I can rewrite them tomorrow. I need to make appointments with the vet and the optometrist. I need to phone my brother and my aunt. I need to tend my house plants. I need to update my organizer. I need to finish several books. I need to read a friend's short story. I need to read another friend's screenplays. I need a lover who won't drive me crazy. Wait, no-- that's just a song, and being driven crazy doesn't sound so horrible, really.

Need, need, need. The only thing I'm really needing is the kneading of my catty-cat while I nappy-nap. I think it's too hot, though. And, oh, yeah, I'm working. Damn.

Tonight's plans (after getting a cup of coffee, recovering from this lethargy and turning out a huge amount of work):
1. Go to Filene's. Buy gift. See if I can pick up a floppy with a black faceplate at that mall.
1a. Pick up windshield wipers on way back.
2. Go to grocery store and spend too much money.
3. Make dinner? Hahahahaha. No, really. I should.
3a. Install blades.
4. Check email, etc.
5. Watch client's video.
6. Work on computer-- at least hook things up.
6a. Stretch.
7. Read.
8. Love up the cat and stop worrying about all the stuff I can't fit into one day.
9. Go to sleep early. Hahahahaha. No, really. I should.

I hope I don't just go home and nap after work. I'd ultimately regret it, I think.

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