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Case in point

Is it aberrant behaviour to take nude pictures of oneself with one's ubersexy computer case?

...wait, don't answer that. It's too late anyhow.

So, yeah-- I got the rest of the parts in today!! I'd been waiting on the case, cpu/mobo/heatsink combo and video card. I expected to wait a couple more days on the case, so I'm pretty stoked.

To the PSU, and beyond!

I'll keep ya posted on my progress (which may be delayed for karaoke, we'll see).


Holy frijoles, batman-- I attach the PSU to this lovely mounting plate, then put it in from outside the case with thumbscrews. THIS ROCKS!

My first build, and I am already so very spoiled.

I try not to get attached to material things, but damn-- I love this case.

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