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The Cube

Please go here:

will open in a new window for your elucidation

I got the linkie from scottobear. I do believe wolfiegirl mentioned this in her journal, as well, though in reference to a movie, I think.

It rocks. You'll probably laugh when you see mine, and know all my secrets ;)

Thank you. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My Results:
(Written as stream-of-consciousness-- apologies for the lousy sentence structure.)

The size of the cube does not matter, as size is relative, and deceptive in this desert.
It is clear, with rounded beveled edges. Tiny, sandlike sparks of colour sparkle in the light, casting reflections on the sand below.
The cube is spinning slowly, showing all sides. As the colours are reflected in the sand as light, so is the landscape reflected in the cube.
The cube is on the horizon.
The cube itself is quiet, but the colours inside gently trickle like a mountain stream.
It smells like lollipops.

The ladder runs up and through the cube. Both remain unbroken. Perhaps it is a klein ladder.
The ladder smells like swingset chain, and has a certain vibration to it.
It is made of platinum, and has growing vines all around it. It bears fruit.
It goes from deep within the ground, vanishing into the sky.

A red horse with a white mane
No, a white horse with a golden mane
The horse is running and flying along the desert
The horse is seen as a reflection on the cube
The horse seen on the cube has colour
The horse on the desert is transparent
The cube can be seen as a reflection in the horse's eye.
The cube in the eye is of many colours.

The storm is on the horizon. It is fierce, and it is beautiful.
There is another storm within the cube.
The horse dances on the storm.
The storm brings welcome rain to the vines on the ladder.
It smells like electricity.
There is lightning.
The rain falls on everything.
The rain falls as flowers on everything.
It is not dangerous, but welcome.

Flowers fall from the storm.
There are flowers growing on the ladder.
There are flowers in the horse's mane and tail
there are flowers in the cube, and reflections of flowers on the cube.
They are many coloured, but mostly fuscia.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, yeah, the flowers came in even before I knew there was a flower question. How bizarre! It all makes sense to me, except, possibly, the plethora of flowers. I'd never planned on lots of flowers, but perhaps that's something best discussed with the transparent flying horse, should I see his reflection.

In the meantime, thank you for being my vibrating, vine-laden, fruit-bearing platinum klein ladder to the sky, yeah :)

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