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Geek question(s)

My new computer will have two IDE HDDs: master for OS and programs, slave for data. I'll be running WIN2K Pro for a Windows OS, and will likely try at least a couple flavours of Linux (and BeOS or FreeBSD, if I'm feeling ambitious, heh).

I'd like to keep the master for programs and the slave for data (and never the twain shall meet), unless someone can give a convincing argument to split them up.

I expect I'll use NTFS for the WIN2K partition (though using FAT32 wouldn't be a problem, if there's a reason not to bother with NTFS). But I'm not sure about the data disk.

What would be the best filesystem(s) for the data disk? (Of course, I'd like to be able to share data across platforms.)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ^_^
(Remember, I'm old; talk slowly.) :P

Goodnight, and thank you.

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