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Now with extra boldfacing for the skimmers!

sigh. Longass post got eaten when my crapola computer crashed (it knooooows!). Let's see how quickly I can sum up what I had originally meant to say. It's 11p now.

Don'tcha just love this icon? It cracks me up beyond belief. Thanks, inspectorjury!!

Monday: Woke up when the radio announced it was 8:11.a
Tuesday: Woke up when my boss phoned me at 9:00.a
Wednesday: Made it to work at 8:15, like I was supposed to.b

Went to the first rehearsal for the summer Shakespeare productions Twelfth Nightc and What You Willd last night. Well, it was more sitting around drinking beer at Juniors while comparing hectic schedules. I was apparently misinformed-- seems likely that I will be Lady Olivia in the period version, and Antonio the piratee in the contemporary one. It's not Viola... but hey, it's a male pirate, and that's cool as hell!

Afterward, a bunch of us went to karaoke. I was exhausted, and knew I would sing terribly... so I didn't take song selection too seriously. I sang:
Can't Take my Eyes Off of You (the second time I've massacred this one!)
In my Life (in the style of Bette Midler-- I sang badly, but I'll dl it and try again sometime)
Lady Marmalade (the original version, with Joanna, Amanda and Janet)
Leader of the Pack (Joanna and I sang backup for Janet-- VRROOOM VRROOOM!)
Magic Man (didn't plan on this one, but Joanna suggested it. Was very well received.)
Just a Girl (didn't request this one-- evidently, Rick found the requests of mine he lost a few weeks ago!)
Got to hang out with Kris, whom I haven't seen in awhile... and Bill S. said I had a beautiful voice as I was leaving. I'm flattered beyond belief.

Went to the secret specialty bowling place hidden within the zoo/reptile shopf after work today. I don't bowl often, but I've already gone more times this year than in the last two years combined. I have small hands, and have gotten tired of having to scout for a ball for half an hour, and then throwing out my wrist the first few frames when I finally found one. So I'll be getting an inexpensive ball tomorrow.g I'm deciding between a midnight blue ball with glitter; a teal, purple, black and white swirly trippy ball, and a subdued dark swirly blue ball.

Applied and was approved for my very first credit card this evening. Yes, I've lived without credit all this time. I don't like the idea of paying for things with money that isn't actually mine... but I may wish to buy a house or a car sometime, so I ought to have credit. So that's that.

A very nice-sounding man named Patrick left a message on my machine Monday... to tell me that he was concerned about the unusual activity on my debit card :P So, yes, I've ordered everything for the new computer.g The video card was a particular challenge... very few places had it in stock. Finally found one at a very attractive pricei, only to find that they would not ship to my office without my changing my address information with my bank. So I do so. Many emails back and forth, phone calls, etc... and now they tell me they don't even have it in stock! Grr! So I said thanks but no thanks... I just now ordered it elsewhere for an even more attractive price. So there.

I'll post the details on the parts I bought another time.

Right now, however, I'm getting to bed at a decent hour, crashed computer and all! But before I go...

Warm Welcomes to elwe, justj, marnanel and mine_own_words! Welcome to my wacky, sleep-deprived ramblings :P

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who read this far.

a I was supposed to be at work at 8:15.
b OK, I was a couple minutes late, as E phoned me at 8:10, trying to be helpful ;)
c The period production.
d The contemporary production.
e Me? A pirate?! Arr, matey, ye don't say!!
f Really-- one has to walk past snakes, lizards, birds and one very bored-looking alligator to get to the bowling place.
g The Grand Poobah of Bowling-Ball Fitting was not in, but I did have a very nice chat about computers with the guy with a degree in Business Admin who was following his bliss by breeding snakes, and met the somewhat mentally-challenged, childlike guy who chatted in lesbian AOL chat rooms posing as a woman, then phoned the women he talked to. A surreal experience all around, to be certain. I can't believe I've lived six blocks away for six years, and never knew it was there!
h I think I have, anyway.
i Thanks to price!
j Jftr, I've recently become fascinated with the detailed free astrology offerings at: http://www.astro.com/ The interactive ones are particularly fun :) Click on "free horoscopes" on the banner up top, and go nuts!
k One more last-minute linky! dormando has made the friends graph functional, even for large friends lists-- access it on his site here: http://tellah.rydia.net:8080/~dormando/graphs/ljgraph.cgi Please be patient (you can revisit to find out where you are in the queue) and please don't link directly to the image.

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