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I'm so tired, I'm not taking out my garbage tonight. I'm Sylvia Stout for the rest of the week.

Took a CRAZY DREAM-FILLED NAP after work, then did a whole lotta laundry. Ate Chinese food, too. Scallopy garlicky stuff. Very good. Probably the first Chinese food I've had in a decade.

Just ordered more computer stuff. Buh-bye money. *waves*

Still working on finding a monitor. Kinda keen on this one (in black), but I'm not committing yet.

Tomorrow's the triple-whammy of work, the first Shakespeare rehearsal and (possibly) karaoke.

Oh, and I requested my time of birth from the Hackensack Dept. of Health last Monday... not only did they not charge me a pfennig, but they stamped my request as having been received April 4, and yet the envelope back to me was postmarked April 3. I wish when I said "I have to get this out, yesterday" it would really work. Anywho, I'm impressed by those wacky time-travelling New Jerseyans (New Jerseyites? Did we ever get that issue settled? And is Born to Run the official state song yet?) ;P

darkbloom, I will write you when I'm infinitely more conscious. My estimation was far closer than my Dad's (either that, or he eats dinner awfully early).

g'night, lj. I promise to make more sense next time.

Erm, on second thought, I'm not sure I can ethically promise that. No promises!!


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