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Lepidoptera Firma

I went to The American Museum of Natural History, where they are currently featuring The Butterfly Conservatory.

I adore butterflies for many reasons: they're an apt metaphor for spiritual growth, they connect me to certain people, they're an utterly beautiful miracle of life, and, well, they flutter.

Basically, the exhibit consisted of a hallway full of butterfly info and mounted butterflies that led into a temperature- and humidity-controlled room1 filled with live tropical butterflies and moths. Absolutely unreal.

The live butterfly cam doesn't do it justice.

So I shall attempt to.

Click on any picture for larger image in a new window.
All subsequent pictures will appear in that same new window.

Oh, I saw other things at the museum, of course, including the halls of gems and minerals, hall of biodiversity, human biology and evolution... I'd be able to quote more hall names, and much better, if their website floorplan would load. Ah, well. Suffice it to say that I saw a whole lotta stuff!2

And I spent quite a bit of time at the Rose Center for Earth and Space, and even got to see the Hayden Planetarium show: The Search for Life: Are We Alone?, narrated by Harrison Ford.

I will go back again soon, I think.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who let their love fly on butterflies wings.

1 If you consider 85F+ and 100% humidity "controlled"
2 Pictures of said stuff may or may not follow in another post someday.
3 Note: partying fratboy gremlins do not appreciate oatmeal and cocoa.

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