*smooch* (ldy) wrote,


I have the "evil sinus headache that could be a migraine but it hurts to much to try to figure which it is" thing going on. There are elephants standing on my eyeballs, and unseen gremlins holding some sort of frat party in my stomach.

So, I stayed home from work. Slept ALL day (thank G-d I was able to sleep!). I made a few valiant attempts to get moving, but chickened-out each time after hitting the wall o' pain (I did make a point of drinking water at each of these opportunities, though). I'm just beginning to cope with the world. I think oatmeal may be in my future.

This is what I get for fibbin' to ya nice folk that I was preggers. Stupid karma! ;) (April Fools to those of you who didn't catch on!)

Last night, I cropped and cleaned up a whole mess o' pictures from Saturday's trip... I'd have posted them, but I started to create a new icon... which promptly crashed my system. I may try to recreate that icon today before posting.

Hope you are all well and happy and have no enormous footprints on your eyeballs.

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